The doctor called deadly bacteria, which can enter the body through the skin

Лікар назвав смертельно небезпечну бактерію, що може потрапити в організм через шкіру

From leptospirosis died 68-the summer man who was ill last week. According to relatives, the disease he developed after fishing on the river Sugokley in Sokolovka village of Kirovohrad district. In the pond, workers of the regional laboratory center discovered the causative agent of leptospirosis.

And before Lviv’s hospital through the leptospirosis came three men. One got infected while swimming in the lake. The second his bare hands, carried the dead rats brought a cat. And third, I suspect the doctors have been infected during the last flood, bailing water from the house.

What is the danger of leptospirosis, any symptoms?

“This year has dramatically increased the population of rats on the territory Crain, in particular, through the unusually warm winter. Contribute to this the people that leave near water leavings and debris. It rats spread leptospirosis. Therefore, the pathogen is most often found in ponds in the back rooms where food is stored, – tells Express online, Fedor Lapiy associate Professor of the Department of infectious diseases of the NMAPE named after P. L. Shupyk.

Infection occurs through consumption of contaminated Leptospira products when bathing or fishing in the pond where there is a pathogen. Leptospira could belong to the number of motile bacteria has the ability to get into the skin. You can also become infected as a result of the bite of a rat or small rodent.

The incubation period is up to two weeks, the disease develops suddenly, the patient suffers from weakness, elevated body temperature, pain in the lumbar region, muscles of (the main feature of the disease is a lesion of calf muscles).

Worst of all, the pathogen can infect the kidneys and lead to kidney failure. Also at risk are the other vital organs – heart, brain. In General, we are talking about threatening to human life.”

Larisa, PECUH

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