The doctor: headache can be cured without drugs

Врач: головную боль можно вылечить без препаратов

Many people complain of a constant headache, which is accompanied by blurred vision, high blood pressure, asthma attacks and dizziness. Reports with reference to “Facts”, candidate of medical Sciences Sergey Dybkaliuk talked about what to do in such a situation.

According to him, it is necessary to check the blood vessels in the neck. The doctor said that due to pinching of neck vessels affects the brain stem that is responsible for heartbeat, breathing and other functions. If the power of the brain begin interruptions, it will lead to heart diseases, aggravation of asthma, epilepsy. The doctor stressed that disability need to carry out an ultrasound with the Doppler effect. The doctor also noted that to improve you need to play sports. It can be aerobics, yoga or Pilates.

If these methods do not help, you can try a professional massage and acupuncture. They are effective and relieve spasms of the neck muscles is not worse than drugs. In addition, it will help to get rid of severe headache contrast shower, bathhouse, swimming in the pool and walks in the fresh air.

Earlier, the doctors called drinks for the treatment of migraine.