The doctor Nigma Talib: four types of foods accelerate the aging face

Врач Нигма Талиб: четыре типа продуктов ускоряют старение лица

Food habits invariably affect the condition of the face and can contribute to premature aging, says a British doctor Nigma Talib.

After some investigation, Nigma Talib has established that there are four types of aging of the skin related to incorrect, unbalanced diet or excessive eating.

“You may have an unknown intolerance to you or you eat more food than your body can digest it. Any problems with digestion contribute to the chemical and hormonal changes that accelerate the aging process, and the results appear quicker on the face,” writes the Talib in his book “Reverse the Signs of Ageing: The Revolutionary Inside-Out Plan to Glowing, Youthful Skin.”

According to the doctor, there are the following categories of food products that cause particular harm to the body: gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol.

Alcohol. Frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages leads to dehydrated skin with enlarged pores and contributes to the redness of the eyes, sagging eyelids (ptosis), makes deeper nasolabial folds. The alcohol present in it sugar destroys collagen, which is responsible for beauty and skin elasticity. For those who want to slow down the aging face, it is better to refuse from alcohol, says the doctor.

Sugar. Too much consumption of sugar contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and acne, as well as loss of skin elasticity. Sugar damages collagen fibers that accelerates the aging of the skin, and also affects the digestion and distribution of fat in the body, leading to rounding of the facial oval. Nigma Talib advised to abandon the consumption of sodas, cakes and other products with high sugar concentration.

Dairy products. If after consuming dairy products, chin pimples, and under eyes – dark circles and the eyelids swell, the body is Allergy. To improve the condition of the skin perhaps, if you give up three weeks of their use, said dermatologist.

Gluten-free. According to Nigma Talib, symptoms of excessive reactions to eating foods with gluteal can be inflammation on the chin and spots on my face. In this case, says the doctor, you need to replace pasta and flour products for products with dietary fiber, such as bran.