The doctor of a private clinic strangely behaved during the visit to patient home

Врач частной клиники странно повела себя во время выезда к пациенту на дом

If you think that in municipal hospitals work surly the doctors, you are wrong. In private clinics Melitopol, where services cost a lot of money, the service is not always higher. This is experienced by the relative of a journalist. The woman became ill and her worried relatives called the doctor of a private clinic at home. What was their surprise, when the doctor, by the way, arrived late to the reception, staged a real show.

– At night on the last Friday grandma feel bad. No matter she was morning and aunt decided to call her cardiologist from a private clinic at home. The doctor together with the grandmother I met. It was promised to arrive after 14.00. Arrived a little after three. Receiving patients in the clinic could be late, who knows. Grandma opened the door, a nice looking woman. I stood next to. The first question a pleasant woman’s doctor was – and who needs help? Grandma, I answer. The second question is a lovely woman was: “AND what, is IT YOU are NOT LYING?”. Further, the direct speech in the role.

I: And what difference, we after all pay you for travel?

Nice woman: do you think You’ll pay, and we skate? We only come home to bed! If you have the money to bring her could not? If it does, couldn’t she come to us?

Assume that 80% of you reading this would really have pushed the woman back to the entrance, and do not necessarily censorship described the vector in which it must move. But she is here, and with it cherished the apparatus. Conducting a survey of 83-year-old patient, she asked why, they say an ambulance is not called. And began a nice woman sarcastically conduct an educational program like for morons, or pupils of the second class: “we Have actually from any mobile phone 103 for free.” Once the cardiograph is “burped” cardiogram, pleasant woman cardiologist remembered the way she got into the grandmother’s apartment. Further, the direct speech in the role.

Nice lady: You need to come down. There, right in front of your entrance is a taxi. Grey machine, it says “Taxi”. Come down and say that you pay the driver.

I: I to pay him or just say?

Nice lady: what will you pay him!!

Health grandma’s – Holy. She, and so after the question why she’s not lying, jumped up pressure. I went down, and avoid resentment a lovely woman, paid the taxi driver the way to us is simple, and the delivery of fine women back to the clinic. The post begins to turn, longed, but still, another piece of dialogue.

Nice lady: you Have in the house glue or a stapler?

Me and my grandma: No, just the Scotch.

Nice woman, to me: You still look for a glue or a stapler

I: Why?

Nice woman: stress test the card I need to fix?

Next was an attempt to conduct an educational program on the topic of the importance of making declarations, visits a family doctor, and other truths known to any educated creature. By the end of the visit, the nice woman even asked my grandmother if she has any questions. Even thought that from the face of the doctor disappeared for a moment dissatisfied with the malicious smile that had been with us all these unforgettable 40 minutes.

The questions I have. Rhetorical. The clinic is yelling from each bus. Pompous facade, promotions, service – all attributes of the private centre. By what right do doctors who work for money, behave worse than the most unhappy and tired nurses registries, which already enshrined the negative collective image? Why with so much competition in the city, you are providing a service, not control the quality of its performance? The doctor is obliged to keep their emotions, mood and personal dislike of the patient. Especially for the money. Moreover, with the pensioner. Moreover, it is home. A visit to a cardiologist cost our family a little more than five hundred hryvnia. God bless you, doctor, and let your mood during the reception is good, and really spring – wrote on his page on FB Olga Arteha.

We intentionally did not specify in the publication the clinic and the name of the doctor, because due to weekend was not able to speak with the other party. The continuation of this story with a review of clinic manual read on Monday.