The doctor Polad Bayramov: how to remove a headache without medication

Врач Полад Байрамов: как снять головную боль без лекарств

To cope with a headache without medication helps self-massage. The doctor-reabilitolog Polad Bayramov gave advice about what actions will help restore good health.

Massage his temples. According to the doctor, to start to be a bit to warm my hands under warm water. Then, holding fingers to temples, you need to start massaging them with soft circular motions, gradually moving to the top of the forehead. In conclusion, in circular motions massage the back of his head.

Relaxation of deep muscles. It also allows you to remove a headache, no painkillers. To relieve deep muscle tension, you need to perform the head tilts for a special technique:

  • tilt your head to the right;
  • put right hand on left ear;
  • other hand the back of his hand pressed to the small of the back;
  • to stay in the posture of inclination of approximately 20 seconds;
  • to make a similar tilt in the other direction;
  • repeat the exercise two or three times.

Warm-up neck. You should start with the rear surface, massaging the muscle movement in the upward direction.

Exercises for the shoulders. You need to sit on a chair, relax, drop the shoulders. You should then make circular movements with your shoulders by means of shoulder blades. The shoulders should be fully lowered when moving, and the neck slightly to reach upward.

If self-care has not helped and pain is preserved with the same intensity, the doctor advised me to seek help from professionals.