The doctor told me how to keep open the pills and syrups

Врач рассказал, как правильно хранить открытые таблетки и сиропы

Improper storage most medicines lose their properties and can even be dangerous to health.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

The main rule of home first – aid kit- always keep all the instructions to the drugs and strictly to monitor their expiry date. It is worth remembering that even the most innocuous tools can cause side effects and not all drugs can be combined with each other.

“A very big mistake to pour the tablets are Packed in blisters in a non-native “jar” of the other medications. Pharmaceutical companies adhere to special rules, packaging different drugs differently. And, therefore interspersing pills of “foil” in a transparent bubble, we are violating the conditions of their storage. But in such “containers” they were placed not in vain-for these pills, the air and sunlight is fatal,” – said the expert.

Water, alcoholic solutions and syrups should be stored not only in the “native” tube, will not pouring, but in a cardboard box to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Pills, pills in “blister packs”, can not sprinkling.

“Colored” ointments and solutions (brilliant green, iodine, etc.), “volatile” medications and powders (potassium permanganate), strong-smelling alcohol solutions (tincture of Valerian, peppermint) should be stored separately from each other and away from pills and syrups. After all, they can evaporate and get dirty, transmit odors than partially change the properties of other drugs,” says the doctor.

For any and all drugs it is important to tightly close the tubes, bottles, boxes and bubbles. Otherwise the drug will absorb odors, oxidize, etc.

Please note: most medicines deteriorate at high temperatures and cannot withstand “the test” open air and sunlight. Therefore it is better to store them at a temperature of 15 – 22 degrees Celsius.

Storage uberite a dark, dry place (a cupboard for example). But so that it was away from electrical equipment. Do not store medicines in the bathroom or in the cupboard on the veranda. The air is damp, and it is easy to absorb.

If the instructions say “Store in a cool place”, it means that the drug must stand in the refrigerator, and, mind you, on different shelves of the refrigerator temperature is also different, because the candles it is recommended to hide closer to the freezer, ointments, plasters – to keep on the middle shelves on the side.

Врач рассказал, как правильно хранить открытые таблетки и сиропы