The doctors are surprised, this outcome was almost impossible – Behind about his own success

Ukrainian biathlete Olena Pidhrushna commented on her result in the sprint of the second stage of the biathlon world Cup in Hochfilzen.

The captain of the national team of Ukraine took the 12 the end position for a single shot in the final standing. Best race result among Ukrainian women belongs to Valentina Semerenko from the ninth final place.

Of course, the mountains make themselves known. However, I started with the IBU Cup, was acclimatized in ridnaun. Apparently, therefore, ran well relative to other girls. Yet the process of acclimatization has passed: changing cities, mountains – perhaps also gives some effect. Very happy with today’s result. What I managed to see the finish line and a loss leader. Given my heart problems – now with the doctors talk, they are surprised, it is almost impossible to do. But we want it to, and it was evident that he had done. No problems breathing, palpitations unnecessary, with which I have struggled in recent years, was not
– told the athlete in the channel “UA: First.”

As we know, Olena Pidhrushna missed the first world Cup in östersund and instead acted at the first stage of Cup IBU. After returning Elena to the main team of the country on the IBU Cup went Anastasiya Merkushyna.

13 December stage of the world Cup in Hochfilzen will continue the men’s sprint at the distance of 10 kilometers.