The doctors danced a rousing Zumba near the hospital in Kenya (video)

Медики станцевали зажигательную зумбу возле больницы в Кении (видео)

In Kenya 50 doctors and nurses performed a joint dance Zumba. All to reduce the psychological burden and throw negative emotions during a pandemic coronavirus.

Doctors performed a special dance lessons that last 2 hours on the yard of the hospital. Dancing with the observance of a distance and protective equipment.

“The Zumba dance today was about innovation that will help to support nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals. So they can maintain their psychological state. Because they take care of patients with coronavirus and for them is additional stress. Dance helps them to relax,” explained chief Executive officer of the Board of sisters of Kenya Edna Kimia.

After the lesson, the doctors are in their offices, because they are now the frontline against coronavirus in Kenya.

Note, in Kenya was more than 800 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 50 deaths.