The doctors explained that they can refuse a patient in an extract free of the drug

Медики объяснили, когда они могут отказать пациенту в выписке бесплатного препарата

In Ukraine for the second year, the state program “Accessible medicines”. It provides results according to the recipes of drugs free of charge or with additional charge for patients with cardiovascular diseases, bronchial asthma and diabetes mellitus type II. In Melitopol it is actively used thousands of citizens. However, some patients complain of doctors, claiming that they refuse to write part of the drugs.

– I have 5 products, and my local doctor writes out only 2 products at 50% and 3 is not writes and says that we in the city no money. Does the right of a doctor to do?, – the question live asked one of the residents of Melitopol, who suffers from cardiovascular and endocrine diseases.

The chief of Melitopol “Center for primary health care №2” Lily Darina explained that the doctor, probably, not correctly explained the reason of refusal in the statement of the drug. As the reason is not the money but the standard of care. Ukraine adopted international protocols and these drugs, which a patient requires may not be to new standards.

According to the decree of the Cabinet 1303 patients with 1-2 groups are provided with drugs at 50% volume. And the funding for this allocated from the local budget. But these drugs must comply with the new international protocols. Old protocols repealed, – said Lily Darina.