The doctors explained what harmful tea with lemon

Медики объяснили, чем вреден чай с лимоном

Tea with lemon is known as one of the most effective agents against the common cold. This drink is a drink for weight loss. The lemon has antioxidant means, but when added to tea its destructive effect on the gastric mucosa is much weaker. writes “Medicine 2.0”.

The negative effect of citric acid on the mucosa is one of the harmful effects of tea with lemon. Especially dangerous is it for patients with gastritis. Therefore, gastroenterologists suggest in the period of acute gastritis take tea with milk, honey or herbal, but not with lemon.

For colds, many make another mistake, when you drink tea with lemon in unlimited quantities. They think that in this way, it will help them faster. In fact – a large number of tea – black or green – with lemon – will cause disorders of the nervous system with manifestations of insomnia, fatigue, drowsiness, where to sleep is very problematic. Tea caffeine – tannin and vitamin C contained in the lemon in large numbers, are included in the list of foods that increase brain activity, contributing to the enhancement of blood circulation.

– Drinking tea with lemon in large numbers for several days – is the same as the permanent vzbadrivanie yourself energy for the nervous system it does not go unnoticed, – says the candidate of medical Sciences Tatyana Vasilchuk.

But the most devastating effects of tea with lemon causes tooth enamel. The Royal College of London conducted a study objects which were 300 people with serious diseases of the teeth. After analyzing the diets of patients, scientists have found the root cause of disease – the acid and sugar in various drinks that are used by the people. The number of drinks – fruit tea, juices, water or tea with lemon.

However, only by determining the cause, scientists did not stop. In further studies, they found that the maximum negative impact on tooth enamel drinks like tea with lemon, have if you drink them slowly over a long period of time. The results of this work were published in popular English dental journal British Dental Journal. It States that the greatest harm drinks with sugar and acid is applied, if you eat out before or after a meal. But if you do it during a meal, the risk of dental diseases is reduced by half.

How much you can drink tea with lemon a day? British scientists recommend no more than three or four cups. In extreme cases you are allowed a maximum of six cups.

As already mentioned, strong tea with lemon can cause insomnia. For this reason, it should not be used by women while breastfeeding. Tannins will not go to sleep and the baby that the immature nervous system will be affected more negatively than even my mother’s. And during pregnancy women are not advised to consume this tea more than two cups a day.

Tea with lemon increases the intraocular pressure. Therefore, patients with glaucoma it is strictly prohibited.

And most importantly, the tea with lemon not even think should those who are allergic to citrus. By the way, no tea does not reduce the effects of citric acid or lemon reduces the strength of the tea, despite the fact that when you add a lemon tea color becomes much lighter. So hope that when mixing tea and lemon will not be as harmful, doesn’t make sense.