The doctors explained why, after alcohol red face

Медики объяснили, почему после алкоголя краснеет лицо

Redness after drinking alcohol may indicate a serious condition.

Scientists say that such a reaction indicates the development of hypertension and several types of cancers. During research, experts compared data on blood pressure in two groups of men. In the first case, the volunteers appeared the redness after drinking alcohol, and not in the latter.

The experts took into account height, weight, age, the factor of physical activity and Smoking volunteers. As a result, they found that men from the first group – increased risk of hypertension. This happened after several applications of standard doses of alcohol per week.

Other men from the same group face flushed spoke about the risks of developing tumours. These volunteers are predisposed to the appearance of cancer of the throat and esophagus. The probability was higher compared to those who face did not change.

Redness says of the reaction vessels on the high content of decomposition products of ethanol in the blood.