The doctors named 5 the surest signs of impending heart attack

Врачи назвали 5 самых верных признаков надвигающегося инфаркта

Did you know that indigestion, fatigue and leg swelling may be signs of an impending heart attack? British doctors have called 5 symptoms, which in any case cannot be ignored.

Symptoms of a heart attack

1. Extreme fatigue and shortness of breath. If people began to experience severe fatigue without increasing of a mode of physical activity, and is accompanied by shortness of breath, it’s time to yell fire. These symptoms suggest that heart with great difficulty pumping blood throughout the body. And if the heart fails, the blood fills the vein, and the liquid can penetrate into the lungs, causing breathing problems.

2. The pain in his chest. While sharp and sudden pain in the breast definitely is a symptom of a heart attack, a long and dull pain in the chest is also talking about heart problems. They are the kind of signs of that a person needs to pay attention to the heart. Even more reason to worry, if the pain spreads to left arm and jaw is the classic symptoms of a heart attack.

3. Indigestion. Frequent problems with digestion, can speak about what your heart slowly give up. Hyperacidity and heartburn – not only the problems associated with the stomach. If the heart is not pumping enough blood, the digestive process is disturbed. And if once you stopped taking antacids for heartburn, the problem is not gone, it is better to consult a cardiologist.

4. Swelling of the feet. Very often, edema of limbs and face are a sign of kidney problems. However, there are two reasons to consider them signs of heart disease. If the heart is not pumping blood efficiently, there is a risk that blood will begin to accumulate in the veins, and to drain down, which will lead to swelling of legs. Also in the poorly working heart failures occur in the functioning of the kidneys, resulting in edema.

5. Irregular heartbeat. It is very important to listen to the beats of your heart in silence. Too loud or irregular heartbeats are a sign of a defect of one of the heart valves, which requires attention of the doctor. It cannot be ignored.