The doctors said, it is useful to do sex during pregnancy

Врачи рассказали, полезно ли заниматься интимом во время беременности

Many couples wonder whether you can have sex during pregnancy. Experts from Germany gave detailed comments on this matter.

According to German doctors, sex during pregnancy is not only possible, but recommended until the last trimester. In particular, they improve blood circulation. During pregnancy the blood supply to the body must be strengthened in order that the child is getting enough nutrients. If for some reason the intensity of circulation decreases, then regular sex will help to restore it by releasing certain hormones.

Practice shows that sex during pregnancy gives women a better quality orgasm. And this is due to the increased production of hormones estrogen and progesterone. Observations have shown that women find an orgasm during pregnancy is more intense sensations than before. It is known that increased level of estrogen causes more blood flow to the pelvic region, which positively affects the level of excitation of women.

Sex during pregnancy improves sleep quality by increasing levels of endorphins. These hormones have a positive effect on sleep quality in expecting mothers. In addition, endorphins actively fighting with fatigue and other acts of women with symptoms of pregnancy.

Finally, sex during pregnancy strengthens the immune system, which naturally reduced, so that the woman’s body did not reject the foreign body in the form of fruit. Proven that having sex in a woman’s blood increases the level of immunoglobulin class A, and thus increases immunity, which is important for the confrontation of different kinds of diseases.