The doctors suggested how to warm up after a frost

Врачи подсказали, как правильно согреться после мороза

Winter is gaining momentum on the street becomes quite uncomfortable. Escaping from the cold, we hide in the oasis of heat – loving home. But even after coming home, must be able to properly warm up. It turns out that there are some nuances.

Than warm after the frost?

You came from the street, and you are still cold. The quickest and most obvious way to keep warm – warm, but not hot tea with lemon. Best of all – green tea with honey and lemon. If there is milk, heat it and add a tablespoon of honey. Very nice to drink warm tea with ginger.

If you feel that sick, you urgently need a good dose of vitamins and a hot shower. While the soul good to do self-massage: this will drive additional blood and relaxes you. The hot tub is not very helpful: after a while the feeling that the body is in cold water. If the problem with shower, make at least a foot bath.

And finally, if you are not going to get out of the house, cook mulled wine. To abuse, of course, not worth it. But wrapped up in a warm blanket with a Cup of mulled wine in hand and no longer dangerous to contemplate the space behind the window is not only useful, but also romantic.

It is not necessary to warm up?

Contrary to popular belief, the alcohol can not bask. Especially if you’re outside in freezing weather. Yes, the first 50 grams of something good normalize blood circulation, dilating blood vessels, and bring a feeling of warmth. But if you take more increased blood flow in the skin and greatly increases the heat transfer body. Thus, as a result of the alcohol has a chance to freeze rather than warm.

If you only felt a cold, do not immediately take medication that relieves the symptoms (like “Coldrex” or “Theraflu”). First, they do not cure you, but just a little to help your case. Second, in all such powders contain a large amount of paracetamol, but he is strong enough destroys the liver. And for a very unpleasant paracetamol poisoning enough about four pills.

In short, if you’re going to drink symptomatic medication, do so only in a pinch. Better try a simple and harmless way to keep warm, as described above.