The doctors: Surgery for weight loss during pregnancy is dangerous to the health of the child

Врачи: Операции по похудению во время беременности опасны для здоровья ребенка

They analyzed 14 800 pregnancies after surgery. The children were born prematurely, with congenital anomalies.

Researchers from Newcastle University said that surgery for weight reduction can carry negative consequences. At risk not only the mother but also the fetus. According to reports, their children are born prematurely and will have congenital disorders.

Such conclusions were made on the basis of a comparison of 14 800 pregnancies in women who have undergone surgery, with 4 million normal pregnancies. The doctors put emphasis on the fact that the operations doing high-risk women, they need additional support throughout their pregnancy, for the child must be carefully watched.

The results showed that children who were born after the surgery for weight loss, 57% more prone to be born premature, 29% more was the likelihood of congenital anomalies and 41% of hospitalization in the ICU. Also the result could be even worse: 38% increased risk of death.

However, it is unclear what surgery for weight loss dangerous for the health of the child. It is assumed that this is due to deficiency of micronutrients during pregnancy. Researchers have to be done to better understand these patterns.