The Dodge Challenger will lose the V8 engine HEMI

Dodge Challenger лишится двигателя V8 HEMI

Dodge Challenger without a HEMI engine is the same as a knight without a sword, as a mechanical clock without hands. However, in all likelihood, the PSA FCA going to deprive this wonderful car features

In fact, this was stated by the new Executive Director of the FCA Mike Manley, who succeeded on the post Sergio Marchionne. According to Manley, the electrification will be part of a new formula for American muscle cars, and what just will not have Challenger new generation is compressor V8 to 700 forces. Of course, the V8 engine plus a compressor is almost a standard formula of drive, power and speed, but it does not fit in with modern environmental standards.

Interestingly, earlier there were rumors about the new generation Challenger, which will be unified with the Alfa Romeo Giulia. At the moment the Italians are working on a hybrid powertrain for the coupe GTV, which will include twin-turbo V6 and, according to insiders, the motor will develop about 600 HP this motor is tipped under the hood of the Challenger. But the basic version of the muscle car, which is now sold with atmospheric V6, will get a 2.0-liter turbo, as it happened with the infamous Chevrolet Camaro.