The dollar and the Euro “heavy”: the national Bank again has weakened the hryvnia

Доллар и евро «тяжелеют»: Нацбанк опять ослабил гривну

The exchange rate in Ukraine 20 March 2019: the dollar and the Euro appreciated against the hryvnia

On Wednesday 20 March, the national Bank set the following currency exchange rate in Ukraine:

$ 100 – 2716.0830 hryvnia

100 Euro 3084.9271 hryvnia

10 Russian rubles – 4.2230 of the hryvnia.

As evidenced by the figures on the website of the national Bank, the dollar rate in Ukraine on March 20 has increased by 3 kopecks, to 27.16 UAH. The Euro exchange rate, the NBU on March 20 has increased 5 cents and is 30,84 UAH. The Russian ruble is set at UAH 0,422.

Recall that in the previous business day, 19 March, acted in such currency exchange rate in Ukraine:

$ 100 – 2713.1890 hryvnia

100 Euro 3079.1982 hryvnia

10 Russian rubles – 4.1955 of the hryvnia.

The exchange rate in Ukraine 20 March 2019

On the Ukrainian interbank currency market on Tuesday March 19 quotes again soared. The dollar rose to the end of the day on 1 kopecks in buying and selling. The Euro to end the session on the interbank market rose to 12 cents per purchase and 12 cents on sale.

Reference rate for the dollar was set at 12:00 on the level of 27.15 UAH. This is 3 pennies higher than the previous business day (Monday 18 March, it amounted to UAH 27,12).

By the end of trading on the interbank market, the dollar rose to the level of 27.24/27,29 UAH. The Euro against the end of the session rose to 30.91/30,96 UAH. The Russian ruble rose to 0,4222/0,4231.

The exchange rate in Ukraine 20 March 2019

As reported, experts have predicted the exchange rate for 2019. So, managing partner of investment company Capital Times Eric Naiman sure until mid-August, the hryvnia will remain relatively stable, and the trend towards consolidation to 26.5 UAH per 1 dollar.

Another expert, Director of corporate analysis the ICU group Alexander Martynenko believes that the exchange rate in the coming months will depend on how will be quietly held presidential elections. Torque, according to his forecast, will fluctuate in the range of 26.5-27 UAH/USD.

Although the NBU does not see preconditions for exchange rate fluctuations for the election. Yakov Smoliy assured that the national Bank has enough reserves of foreign exchange reserves and has experience of intervention in order to prevent sharp fluctuations. However, the hryvnia exchange rate will affect the situation on foreign commodity markets and prices for fuel and energy resources – primarily oil prices on the world market.

Доллар и евро «тяжелеют»: Нацбанк опять ослабил гривну

Доллар и евро «тяжелеют»: Нацбанк опять ослабил гривну