The dollar and the Euro in Ukraine continue to rapidly fall in price – the exchange rate on 26 Dec

Доллар и евро в Украине продолжают быстро дешеветь - курс валют на 26 декабря

The average exchange rate of the dollar in Ukrainian banks and exchange offices 26 Dec is 23,05-23,35 UAH. Thus, compared with the previous working day (Tuesday December 24) dollar to purchase fell by 15 kopecks. and on sale – 10 kopecks.

Eurocurrency in the purchase fell by 13 kopecks., and by 8 kopecks. and is 25,40-25,88 UAH. The Russian ruble has also changed: today it is 0,342-0,379 UAH.

Izmenilis and official figures for major currencies.

In particular, the national Bank of Ukraine set for today, the dollar level 23, and 25 UAH. Officially, the U.S. currency dipped by 2 COP. In turn, the Euro fell only 1 COP is 25,77 UAH.