The dollar is stable and the Euro on the cash market becomes more expensive with the exchange rate of hryvnia on

Доллар пока стабилен, а евро на наличном рынке дорожает: что будет с курсом гривни дальше

After strengthening of the hryvnia on the interbank currency market on Wednesday and another rollback on Thursday, buyers and sellers took a wait – on the last day of the month, market participants do not hurry to enter a trade.

“The news background is relatively neutral, but the negative remains the high levels of infection Covid-19. Also yesterday it became known that a group of U.S. senators representing the Republican and Democratic party, introduced a bill which provides for an annual allocation of $ 300 million to Ukraine for military assistance. The document also demands that the US administration appointed a special envoy to Ukraine as U.S. representative at the peace talks in the Normandy format and facilitated dialogue between the black sea countries. In addition, the bill encourages the state Department to establish a working group on Ukraine with European allies,” – said in comments head of Department of Analytics GK Forex Club Andrey Shevchishin.

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Among the factors contributing to the stabilization of the exchange rate, according to the analyst, one can distinguish marked from July 27 to sharp decline in sales of government bonds by non-residents. “However, the market continues to push the liquidity received from the repayment of hryvnia bonds, and the adherence of the currency from exporters. Next week the scheduled payments on the bonds UAH 16 billion and $ 140 million, which is also a factor of pressure on the market. Market participants are waiting for news from the NBU on personnel decisions, which also affects the mood of the market”, – said the Shevchishin.

According to analysts, probably, in the near future, the hryvnia will continue to demonstrate the vibrations and will move in the range of 27.7-27.9 hryvnia to the dollar.

“The tension gradually subsides,” the exchange rate of hryvnia dodged danger and stabilized

Note, July 31, the NBU has left the official rate of the national currency against the dollar on July 30 – the dollar rose in price from 27,6867 UAH/USD to 27,6913 UAH/USD.

This is evidenced by the data controller.

The official exchange rates on July 31:

1 USD – UAH 27,6913;

1 Euro 32,547 UAH;

1 Swiss franc 30,2786 UAH;

1 pound – 36,0333 UAH.

At the interbank foreign exchange market on July 31 the dollar, compared with Thursday, in the purchase and sale fell by 2 pennies. On 30 July, the interbank market closed in the range of 27.70/27,73 USD/dollar, and on Friday, July 31, opened in the range of – 27,68/27,71 UAH per dollar.

Euro on the interbank market rose on buying at 27 cents, sales by 28 cents. 31 Jul bidding on the Euro started in the range of 32.93/32,97 UAH per Euro. July 30, closed at – 32,66/32,69 UAH/EUR.

Under forecasts of dealers, limits on the dollar today will be in the range of 27.55-27,80 USD/dollar, Euro – of 32.56-33,20 UAH/EUR.

In the cash market on Friday morning the average rate for the dollar made up 27.60 UAH/USD. Sell cash dollar at the exchange rate of 27.65 UAH/USD. On Thursday, the dollar bought and sold at the same rate.

The average rate of purchase/sale of Euro in the first half of the day in the cash market amounted to 32,45/32,65 UAH/EUR. Thursday morning the Euro bought cheaper at 20 cents, sold cheaper by 35 cents. The course was 32,23/of 32.30 UAH/EUR.

Stabilization of the dollar against the hryvnia analysts attribute not only from a purely Ukrainian factors – the situation on the currency market in the world.

“The US dollar in the global currency market to date consistently weak – the July meeting of the Federal reserve gave no new guidance and does not help in the revaluation of key macroeconomic parameters. The fed will continue to support the economy, but about new steps not a word was said. No incentive, which has already managed to “dream big” on the grounds, no revision of the inflation target (and where is the targeting?), no change of rhetoric – nothing,” – said in a comment RoboForex analyst Andrew Golov.