The dollar left in peace until Monday

Доллар оставили в покое до понедельника

What will be the course of the next week – depends on the appetites of foreigners.

Friday’s trading on the interbank market, contrary to the expectations of treasurers, passed very quietly. After the feeble attempts of the speculative-minded players ask quotes upward trend, the rate fell to the levels of Thursday – 26,35-is 26.37 UAH./

“Further quotations were mostly within the range of the start of the trading session with small deviations in both directions. To end the session the range of quotations was reduced to 26,345-is 26.37”, – told on today’s session of the Treasury Director of Credit Dnepr Bank Oleg Kurinnoy.

Small trading volume and the lack of any appreciable advantage from the sellers currency, including bankers singled out the only business that needs a national currency for payment of taxes, has not allowed the NBU to replenish international reserves. The regulator today chose not to intervene in the bidding.

“The volume of free liquidity declined by UAH 5.1 billion. and amounted to 107.6 billion UAH. while the remains of banks at correspondent accounts with the NBU decreased by 3.4 billion UAH. to 55.8 billion. And the volume of liquidity, the NBU mobilized through the certificates of Deposit, decreased by 1.7 billion UAH. and amounted to 51.7 billion UAH.” said Kurinnoy.

Definitive predictions about exchange rate movements Monday treasurers do not Express. The head of the Department for dealing operations of Raiffeisen Bank Aval Yuriy Grinenko believes that much will depend on the interest of foreigners in minfinovskih government bonds.

If those at the beginning of the week will begin to sell the currency to buy at auction on Tuesday, the paper, the situation on the currency market will remain stable. Otherwise not excluded the growth of quotations.

At the same time Oleg Kurinnoy predicted that Monday trading will be held in the range of 26.30-26.40 are UAH. for the U.S. dollar.

National Bank on Monday, may 20, lowered the official hryvnia exchange rate at 3 a penny, to 26.37 UAH./