The dollar will deal a crushing blow to the hryvnia: experts puzzled fresh Outlook

Доллар нанесет сокрушительный удар по гривне: эксперты озадачили свежим прогнозом

After the Ukrainians for several months in a row watched as the dollar was declining in recent days, he suddenly began to gain in price.

Financial expert told him what the surprise next week the dollar and whether the trend will continue to decline, which occurred in the last days, writing

Analyst Vadim Iosub predicts that early next week the dollar will gradually rise. In his opinion, it is possible that within a week the price of the dollar on the interbank market established at the level of 24.6 per UAH, and in Bank branches for a dollar will ask 24,3/24,6 UAH.

According to the analyst, 23 and 24 January were observed multidirectional movement of the dollar, both the interbank and the cash market.

For example, on Thursday, January 23 at the interbank market the dollar decreased, and cash increased. However, on Friday, January 24, noted the opposite situation. Iosub believes that with one hand the dollar is trying to come to equilibrium level, and on the other can occur even greater growth.

According to reports last week, the dollar in all segments of the market have increased in price by 0.4% to 1.8%.

From Friday to Friday the official dollar rate set by the National Bank of Ukraine increased from 24.09 to 24.52 UAH UAH. The company “Alleging” notes that the demand and supply on the interbank market also increased on average by about 6%. The rate of purchase and sale of the banks amounted to +0,5%/+0.4% respectively.

Also “the Wall” wrote that one of the Ukrainian banks talked about all the types of fraud with Bank cards, which occurred on the territory of our country. As of the conversation we can see, calling a Bank employee or a fraud? The article tells about those questions that should not ask a Bank employee.

Доллар нанесет сокрушительный удар по гривне: эксперты озадачили свежим прогнозом