The domain sonyah private company interested in prosecution California

Продажей доменной зоны.org частной компании заинтересовалась прокуратура Калифорнии

The Prosecutor General’s office of California sent a letter to the Corporation on management of domain names and IP addresses (ICANN) to provide confidential information regarding the sale of the domain sonyah a private investment company Ethos Capital, and to suspend the progress of the transaction.

The report said that the request of the regulatory authority due to a desire “to analyze the impact of the transaction on a non-profit community, including ICANN.” A few days ago, ICANN has published the data about the incoming request and was informed about it the Public Internet Registry (PIR), which intends to sell the list of 10 million domain imenova a private company. The letter also said that the state’s attorney can sue to retrieve that data if the organization does not agree to provide them voluntarily.

The General Prosecutor’s office are interested in all electronic correspondence between the parties involved in the transaction, and other confidential information. In addition, the Agency requests to delay the completion of the transaction that prosecutors had had time to study its details. ICANN, in turn, asked PIR to agree to extend the review process of the transaction until 20 April 2020.

Recall that in November last year, a non-profit organization The Internet Society (ISOC), which is the parent company of PIR, has announced its intention to sell the domain soood commercial organizations Ethos Capital. The news of the possible deal has alarmed the Internet community due to a lack of transparency and fears that the new owner of the domain zone will increase prices for its non-profit clients. In addition, there were concerns that the Ethos Capital can censor some sites in the domain soned that often make a criticism of corporate structures.

Last weekend near the headquarters of ICANN in Los Angeles, protesters have gathered against the deal, which gave representatives of the organization of a petition with 35,000 signatures in protest. In addition, earlier this month, ICANN received a letter from six us senators who expressed concerns about the proposed transaction.

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