The DPRK is secretly developing a nuclear program – UN

КНДР тайно развивает ядерную программу - ООН

Pyongyang is using civilian facilities for Assembly and testing of ballistic missiles, the report said.

The authorities in Northern Korea continued to secretly develop its nuclear missile program. Is assembling and testing of ballistic missiles and used nuclear center in Yongbyon. It is reported TASS with reference to the report of the UN special Commission Sunday, February 17.

The document stresses that the DPRK “uses of civilian objects, in particular airports, to build and test ballistic missiles.” All used for these purposes civilian objects located near the railway and transport routes that previously were moving component parts of the North Korean missiles, including Intercontinental ballistic Hwaseong-15.

The UN Commission, which aims to monitor the implementation by Pyongyang of the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council, in its report, also stressed that Pyongyang continues use and development of the nuclear center in Yongbyon.