The driver has not passed the drug test because he “did not work”

Водитель не сдал тест на наркотики, потому что у него "не получилось"

On the Avenue of the 50th anniversary of the Victory police detained the driver with obvious signs of drug intoxication slow speech, dilated pupils, redness of the eyes. The man was taken for examination.

However, from its passage the driver refused, and that was fixed by administrative Protocol, in presence of two witnesses.

At trial, the man claimed that the driver was absolutely sober, at night-time had left to purchase energy drink. As for expertise, that he refused to pass it, just give him a little time to pass a urine test and it “failed”.

The court arguments of the offender did not heed and has appointed punishment in the form of a fine 10200 UAH, and also denied him the right to drive vehicles for a period of one year.