The driver of the Mercedes staged a night of terror to the inhabitants of Melitopol (video)

Водитель Мерседеса устроил ночной террор жителям Мелитополя (видео)

Exercising it not only at night but during the day, and even in the city centre. A few days ago, seems to be the same automassage the game turned at the traffic lights with street of Heroes of Ukraine on Ave B. Khmelnitsky. Only a miracle when it skidded into the oncoming lane, not the accident occurred.

Lack of control in Melitopol spawned chaos on the roads. Fans of extreme driving moved from suburban roads right in the city centre. Central streets and avenues become a platform for their competition. Get the adrenalin pumping once the drifter decided on the southern circle. Fortunately, this extreme-in is not ended in tragedy.

According to the melitopoltsy, Mercedes was spotted in traffic violations. His driver is satisfied with drift and with drift and a creak of wheels, at breakneck speed like a car a few days ago I turned from street of Heroes of Ukraine on B. Khmelnitskiy prospect.

Inhabitants of houses which are located near to the popular drifters tracks, tired from the night’s ugliness. What a good night they have long forgotten and waiting when that traffic chaos will cease.