The driver of the Tesla, who died in a car accident, played on a smartphone during a crash

Водитель Тесла, погибший в автокатастрофе, играл на смартфоне во время аварии

The investigation found that the driver of the Tesla, who died in a car accident two years ago in Silicon valley, was playing a video game on his smartphone during an accident.

The investigation of the National Council for transport safety (NTSB) showed that Walter Juan, 38-the summer engineer-the developer of Apple software and game developer, tried to stop her Tesla running on autopilot at the moment of collision with the protective Barrera.

Tesla Model X Juan was in the mode of “Autopilot” and moved with a speed of about 112 km/h at the moment of collision and was hit two other vehicles. The driver died in hospital from his injuries.

If you have a car with a partial th auto pilot, it means that you don’t have a car with automatic control, “- said the Chairman of the NTSB Robert Sumwalt. “This means that the motion in the proposed autopilot can’t sleep. You can’t read the book. You can’t watch a movie or TV series. You can’t write. And you can’t play video games. However, this is exactly what we found, what did the deceased drivers”.

NTSB officials said the accident was very similar to the other Tesla accidents that he investigates, and called the car company, government regulators, mobile phone companies and employers to do more to prevent such tragic incidents caused by distracted driving.

The NTSB had previously criticized the autopilot Tesla after the fatal crash of 2016 in Florida and called the company to make its driver assistance system more resistant to misuse inattentive drivers.

At the hearings in Washington, the NTSB experts discussed the problem of “complacency” when drivers are overly trust the technology.

At the same time, Tesla claims that internal studies have shown that drivers using an autopilot, to react faster in an emergency situation when the technology of “autopilot” than with manual control.

According to the materials: The Guardian.