The drone for flight on Mars passed the last test on Earth

Дрон для полетов на Марсе прошел последнюю проверку на Земле

Unmanned aircraft Mars Helicopter conducted a final test of their blades while on the Ground. As reported by N+1, the next time he deploys them being on Mars in 2021.

The main task of the UAV – exploring remote regions of the red planet. The drone is formed by a coaxial helicopter configuration with two contrariwise screws with a diameter of 1.2 meters. Its weight is 1.8 kg, it is equipped with batteries that are charged by solar panels, a colour camera and navigation systems and data transmission.

The Agency conducted tests of the device earlier. So in 2020 the Mars Helicopter passed the final test in the special air gateway, in which the blade was spun up to a speed of 50 rpm and confirmed the ability to create the desired lifting and traction. In the future, the device will be placed in a special capsule, which will be installed on the Mars Rover “Mars-2020”.

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