The DSNs told how has changed the level of radiation due to the burning of forests in Chernobyl

ГСЧС рассказали, как изменился уровень радиации из-за горения лесов в Чернобыле

Burning of grass and undergrowth was recorded on April 8 in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. This was reported by the press service of the State service for emergency situations.

Rescuers said that the fire originated in Kotovs’ke forestry between urban-type settlement of Polesskoe and settlements Tarasy and Vladimirovka. In addition, employees of gschs managed at 06:10 to extinguish the fire, which covered an area of 4 hectares near the village of Rudnia-Ososhnia.

To eliminate foci of the flame in the exclusion zone were involved in 274 personnel and 74 pieces of equipment. Rescuers noted that a significant increase in the level of radiation due to forest fires did not happen and the background is within the permissible limits.

  • The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans to consider increasing administrative penalties for arsonists deadwood.
  • The flame that emerged in a wooded area in the Chernobyl exclusion zone covered a large area due to strong wind gusts.
  • A forest fire broke out on one of the sections of the Metropolitan highway in Kiev region.
  • The fire occurred near the village Hrezlya Denisovskogo forest, lit up shrubs and grass flooring.
  • Rescuers reported that in Ukraine for the day, there were 787 fire and often burns dry grass.