The Duma will consider the bill on the reform of the CTP in January

Дума рассмотрит законопроект о реформе ОСАГО уже в январе

The bill envisaging changes in insurance, may take until the end of March.

A bill on further reform of “autocitizen” will be submitted to the state Duma in the first reading in January, the following readings can be held in February or March, said during a press conference about the plans of the state Duma Committee on Finance for the spring session of 2020, the head of the Committee Anatoly Aksakov.

“Most likely, will be supported by a parliamentary bill in the first reading. We are ready to submit for consideration in the first reading in January. I think that February is already second and third reading. Deadline – March”, – said Aksakov. He noted that the “special questions” to the bill, the government supports it.

The head of the Committee recalled that the main focus of the bill is the individualization of rates “avtograzhdanki.” “Insurance companies will have access to information on violation of traffic rules, and, accordingly, on this basis, the insurance company will get a rule to set a higher or lower rate,” – said Aksakov.

At the beginning of 2019 in Russia launched the first stage of the reform insurance: established by the Central Bank of the tariff corridor has been expanded by 20% up and down and now is 2746-4942 of the ruble. The insurer may within that corridor to select the base rate, to which you then apply multiplying or reduction factors and the result the final cost of the policy.

However, scheduled for October consideration of the government bill for the second phase of reforms did not take place because MPs have expressed concern growth of tariffs “avtograzhdanki.”

In particular, concern the initiatives on the abolition of the territorial coefficient and the extension of tariff corridor, and the increase to 2 million rubles from 500 thousand the limit of indemnity for damage to life or health.

A group of deputies headed by Aksakov at the end of last year has made a new version of the bill, which does not increase the insurance indemnity for damage to life or health. Also excludes disputed rules on the abolition of the coefficients of the power and associated with them a phased expansion of the tariff corridor. Remained the main point of the reforms – the right of insurers to determine the tariff on the basis of how accurately the driver operates the vehicle and whether it complies with the SDA.