“The earth heats up”: Hurricanes destroy US because of Nibiru scientist

Brown dwarf amplifies the Sun’s influence on Earth that breaks the usual climate on the planet, says the researcher.

«Земля раскаляется»: Ураганы уничтожают США из-за Нибиру – учёный

Recently the theme of a mysterious Planet X, which, according to ancient predictions, needs to destroy all life on Earth. The researchers referred to different dates when Nibiru will collide with earth and cause planetary destruction. However, some experts have a different theory. They also do not question the existence of Nibiru, but I think that it is not about the planet, and a star with five planets in its orbit. A brown dwarf is not visible from the Earth, but every day is closer to us and also threatens to destroy humanity.

A former climate scientist from the U.S. geological survey Dr. Ethan Trowbridge’m sure it is because of Nibiru hurricanes are destroying the American coast the incessant hurricanes. The frequency of natural disasters in recent years have substantially increased, which, according to the scientist, due to the fact that the temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere, particularly in the Atlantic rose by several degrees, which is unusual for this time of year. This happened due to the increase in radiation activity. Many associate this with the changing cycles of the Sun, but the courts no doubt that we are in the approach of Nibiru.

«Земля раскаляется»: Ураганы уничтожают США из-за Нибиру – учёный

“The earth is heated very quickly due to the fact that solar activity was added sibiryanka activity,” he says. In the future it will only grow and the number of hurricanes will only increase. According to the climatologist, will suffer from the changes in the first place, countries with direct access to the ocean. It is the regions Atlantic and South-East Asia, said the scientist.

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