The earth needs to turn into a marketable object – expert

Землю нужно превратить в ликвидный объект - эксперт

The owners of land parcels (shares) have a great desire to work on their land, to create and develop together with family members own the farm, but the funds for this. Therefore, to overcome this fear of the earth need to turn into a liquid object, which can get long and cheap money, that is, the land should be a commodity, the security of which it is possible to obtain the credit for development of their own farm business, for example, greenhouses, dairy farms of family-type farms for the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, berries, organic produce, etc.

About this in his article for ZN.UA says Ivan Miroshnichenko. Thus, in his view, the primary task of the reform is to provide all alternative and the right of choice and ensure confidence in the possibility of development on their land.