The easiest spacecraft in history, will fly to the moon on a rocket SpaceX

Самый легкий космический аппарат в истории полетит на Луну на ракете SpaceX

The Israeli nonprofit organization SpaceIL plans to launch the smallest and lightest spacecraft in history. By the way, he will land on the moon, and the start of the mission scheduled for 22 February at 03:45 on the Kiev time.

Details about the spacecraft. As reported the first lander of Israel called Beresheet weighs 585 pounds, it is shaped like a table approximately 1.5 metres in height and 2 meters in width. When about two months later it will reach its destination, its weight will decrease to 185 kg: all the rest is fuel.

Details about the mission. The probe will lead to the orbit with an apogee of 60 thousand kilometers, then he from it by using the propulsion system will be released on a trajectory to the moon. Before landing, the probe will make two orbits around the moon.

The project cost just $ 95 million. In the case of success of mission, Israel will become the fourth country that landing on the moon: after the US, former USSR and China. The word Beresheet will be the first private spacecraft to the natural satellite of the Earth.

Самый легкий космический аппарат в истории полетит на Луну на ракете SpaceX

Model spacecraft Beresheet

On a long job Beresheet is not designed: it will last no longer than three days, after which it will overheat in the Sun and fails.

Time and date of launch. As noted earlier, if not prevent, the weather, condition of equipment and other circumstances, the launch will take place exactly at 03:45 night in Kiev on the launch pad SLC-40 Space center Kennedy at the U.S. air force in Florida.

Note, this is only the second launch of SpaceX this year, and 12 the final version of the rocket Falcon 9 Block 5.

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