The EBRD has approved a new labeling of chicken is “antibiotic-free”

В ЕБРР одобрили новую маркировку курятины "без антибиотиков"

In Ukraine, the safe farming of animals and the health of end consumers do not all, and to self-control of output running the unit. So the analyst of Department of agribusiness of the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) Basil Gougere commented on the voluntary initiative of the Ukrainian producers of poultry and eggs to test their products for antibiotics, reports UNN.

“Today, not all market operators ask for a specific organ to monitor their production. Among livestock producers, poultry farmers are the first such voluntary standard launched. This quality standard (marked “No antibiotics” – ed.), self-regulation, applied by poultry breeders, are the market instruments that increase the consumer demand for a safer product, and provide Ukrainian buyer additional warranty on the product.

Thus, a very simple and open mechanism of healthy competition business provides us, the consumers, better quality and safer food products,” – said Gourara during a press conference held recently in Kiev.

“The initiative of poultry farmers is a step towards ensuring food security, which starts with the consumer’s mind and how it is informing,” added Gauger.

Gorega expressed hope that soon the right to label their products with “No antibiotics” will be offered to all livestock producers.