The ECHR received a claim in the Netherlands against Russia about the Downing of flight MH17

ЕСПЧ получил иск Нидерландов против России о крушении рейса MH17

The European court of human rights received a claim of the government of the Netherlands against Russia in connection with its role in the destruction in 2014 of the liner, carrying out flight MH17. This was announced in Strasbourg, the press attache of the court Denis Lambert. According to him, currently the claim is being studied.

Today on intention to sue was announced by the Dutch authorities. Feeding “the complaint States,” the Cabinet of Ministers reports to the ECHR all available information on the downed flight MH17″, – is spoken in the message on the government website.

The Netherlands authorities noted that “the complaint States” served in the ECHR simultaneously with the filing of individual complaints of relatives of victims of the disaster against Russia.

“With this step the government supports as many individual complaints of relatives of victims of flight MH17 in ESPCH”, – underlined in the message.

As expected, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the decision of the Hague “another blow to relations between Russia and the Netherlands”. In its statement noted that “the Hague from the beginning on the path of unilateral imposing on Russia the blame for the crash of flight MN17”. According to Zakharova, “this move will only lead to further politicization and impede the search for truth”.

In the Ministry of justice said that has not yet received notification of the complaint. While the Ministry said that “Russia categorically rejects allegations of involvement in the crash Boeing in the sky over the Ukraine, that is, over the territory in respect of which Russia exercises jurisdiction in accordance with the European Convention for the protection of human rights”.

In accordance with the rules of consideration of disputes between States, published on the website of the ECHR, after receiving a complaint, the court must immediately bring it to the attention of the other party. After that appointed the judges hearing the case, and the defendant may send written comments. At the request of one of the parties or the court, before considering the merits of the case can be held the hearing on jurisdiction, in the future, it is considered standard for the ECHR right.

The airplane of airline “Malaysian airlines”, carrying out regular flight on the route Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur was shot down by the Buk missile system on July 17, 2014 in the skies over the Donbas. All were on Board 298 people were killed. According to the international group of investigators, the missile system was delivered under the control of separatist areas of Ukraine from Russia. Moscow denies guilt in the sinking of the liner and its passengers.

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