The edge of the “Neck” of the Mariupol group will dock repair

Пограничный «Гриф» мариупольского отряда пройдет доковый ремонт

The Mariupol group of sea protection of state frontier service announced a tender for repairs of boats of sea protection project 1400M (code “Grif-M”) Board room BG118.

Reports “Glavpost” with reference to the UMP.

Boat BG118 “Arabat”, head. No. 911, built by Feodosia shipbuilding plant “Sea” in 1994. In October 2018 the company “Magistral-YUG” was produced repairs to the hull in particular is replaced by a portion of the outer skin, processed and brewed damage to the hull, and repaired the deck and superstructure. The cost of the work amounted to 725 thousand UAH.

This time it is planned to carry out dock work, repair of shell plating, deck and superstructure according to fault detection and repair of electrocasnice. The expected cost of the works is UAH 2.5 million. The auction is scheduled for April 22.

We will remind that last year UKRAINE ordered in the development and design center of shipbuilding modernization project boat project 1400M, code “Grif-M”.