The editor has collected all the versions of the arrest of a top official of Yuriy Hrymchak, and figured out how it will hit the public Prosecutor

Главред собрал все версии задержания топ-чиновника Юрия Грымчака, и выяснил как это ударит по генпрокурору

The Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, Yuriy Hrymchak suspected of fraud. He was arrested with a sack of money, ostensibly for assistance in solving problems for the developer. But – in the framework of a criminal investigation associated with the case of the beating Tatiana Chornovil. Law enforcement documented one of the defendants in the attack on the journalist in 2013, and accidentally found out that at the moment is another crime.

A relative of the accomplice

Immediately after the arrest Hrymchak became aware that the defendants in the case are the fighter of anti-terrorist operation Alexey Getman and brother of the wife of Grymchak 54-year-old Igor Ovdienko.

Ovdiyenko took the metro Nivki, there is the man it became bad, and militiamen had to call an ambulance. About ovdiyenko know that he is a native of Donetsk. In 2004 the presidential election was a confidant of the candidate Oleksandr Moroz. On the website of the Central election Commission, there is mention that at the time ovdiyenko was listed the Director of firm “the Alliance-a Telecom” (Internet service provider).

Read takefocus with Hrymchak: how Lutsenko squeezed out of the chair genprokurora the Parliament of the 4th convocation (2002-2006) brother-in-law Grymchaka was the assistant deputies -socialists of Nicholas Miller and Vladimir Mukhin. In the Parliament of the 5th convocation (2006-2007) helped the people’s Deputy from the socialist party Vasily Volga, which in 2012 was jailed for five years – then the Volga served as the head of the financial services Commission and got on a bribe in $500 thousand

And in the Parliament of the 6th convocation (2007-2012) ovdiyenko was assistant Grymchaka. People with the same data at different times held the positions: head of the Makiivka city organization of the socialist party, was Director of the state enterprise Scientific-research and design-research Institute of automated systems, which was developing software. Another firm “syayvo-Svit”, manufactures and sells jewelry.

Strange assistant

As for the second defendant – Alexey Getman, then it happened something strange – a suspicion he was never charged, and the status of men in this matter is unknown. Among the detainees either.

“Such crimes are usually undercover, so to speak. He is involved and then losing the other defendants. As a rule, such operations are impossible to pull off without agents. Therefore, it is possible that the character was the undercover, which gave all participants” – allows the political scientist Andrei Zolotarev.

Alexey Getman 57 years, he is from Kiev.

In the parliamentary elections in 2014 nominated deputies on a mazhoritarka of the Radical party Lyashko, but failed.

In 2015, ran to the Kyiv city Council at the Darnitsky district of the capital.

In the Parliament of the 6th convocation was the assistant to two MPs of the OU – Yury Grymchak and Sergey Lutsenko (brother of Yuriy Lutsenko). And in the Parliament of the 8th convocation was listed as the assistant people’s Deputy Valery Karpuntsov.

Read Takaoka Grymchak – a damned fraud, and not a noble corruptionrelated – ATO, for this reason, he often appeared on TV. For example, in the election history with Yulia Tymoshenko at the Congress which was lit cyborgs defending the Donetsk airport.

“Cyborgs”, which took part in the forum Tymoshenko received 10 thousand dollars, there are guys who can confirm this. The people who took part in the fighting, know that any military with all the disadvantages of face to face will always tell the truth. He does not say, “I don’t know, sorry.” I am tete-a-tete asked the cyborg forum participants Tymoshenko’s what it was. They said they just corrected their financial situation,” said Getman ZIK in January of this year.

Version official

In the SBU said that it had Grymchaka more than a month. The first part of a bribe ( $600 thousand) to the Deputy Minister and his cousin passed before. The money the suspects have cashed in “their” currency exchange. So the intelligence had to track these transactions, and immediately withdraw the cash from the currency exchange – they were direct physical evidence.

“$1.1 million asked for a us businessman for allegedly assistance in decision-making by persons authorized to perform state functions. This time the suspects were detained during receiving the second part of the sum of $480 thousand Investigative actions were held under the procedural guidance of prosecutors of the Department for procedural management in criminal proceedings on crimes special category of GPU”, – said in the SBU.

Version random

As already mentioned, the editor-in-chief, the law enforcement sources said that the crime was an accident and in another high profile case. We are talking about the beating of people’s Deputy Tetyana Chornovil, was attacked in December 2013 and tried to kill. Then the people’s darling was a journalist, was driving home in the car, on the road it clipped the Porsche, and the men that were in the car, the girl attacked and brutally beaten.

Read tangerine Grymchaka because of the detention of her husband is forced to go to work”against one of the defendants in the attack, which was insufficient evidence was carried out secret investigative actions. And so we became aware of another crime that happens these days”, – told us the source.

We will add, that all the Affairs of the Maidan is investigating the office of special investigations of the GPU, which is headed by Sergey Gorbatyuk.

Version Of Tatiana Chornovil

Tatiana Chornovol said that the crime Grymchaka – corruption. Therefore it can not be connected with the assassination attempt on her. But suggests that, here plaiting Grymchaka, you can discredit the investigation in her case. And stand behind this may former associates of Viktor Yanukovych.

“In 2014 artists picked up immediately. They got a little time. And the man who could point to customers who are no longer alive. It is a criminal authority Oleg Netrebko from Dneprodzerzhinsk, he was the assistant of the Deputy from Party of regions Valeria Matyuhi. This is the person who directly organized use of force – in fact, he was preparing to attack me. In 2016 he was hanged in prison or forced him to do it. I think that people from Yanukovych’s team had sent him their agents of influence. So how could he give information about the direct organizers and hanged himself exactly one week after being extradited from Belarus”, – told us the Deputy.

According to Chornovil, ex-MP matuga associated with crime, she’s a human Elena Lukash. On the Internet we found mention that the work she started as a Secretary at Lucas.

Read cachedel Grymchaka: taking bribes of half a million came in the video of the SBU”And Lucas – girlfriend ex-officials of Yanukovych Andriy Portnov. It seems to me that my case was now swimming is no accident – in order to spread my business in the information space. I’ve said that I have someone there clipped on his car for this, they say, I was attacked. Now, in this same case holding the Hrymchak, who was on our side of the Maidan. And now thus will impose the opinion that I was beaten his own. Famili Grymchak and the cascade will sound in conjunction on the case of corruption, and then people it will be fixed. And in the same way will be discredited my case on the Maidan,” – said Chornovil.

She adds that her business was virtually buried on purpose – in 2014 the one who was investigating did everything to make it impossible to go to the organizers. Now this man – the people’s Deputy of the party of the Opposition platform – For life.

“I think that for the sale of this business, he received a mandate,” said Tatyana.

Version – hint for Lutsenko

Political analyst Andriy Zolotaryov said that the case with the arrest of the Hrymchak is a hint that the attorney General’s time to release your seat.

“Of course, there is an element of coercion to ensure that Yury Vitalyevich left his office, taking his famous mug from MENA colony, and not slammed the door. Because clearly Hrymchak is not built in one day. And actually information about his questionable proclivities in terms of love of money, went in certain circles. The question is – why is this the case came to the management of Sergey Gorbatyuk, which can not boast of its performance, although it has a special position and good opportunities. And all this suggests the presence of ordered Grymchaka, as long as he is considered a figure affiliated with Lutsenko. But Yuri V. him in this situation is unlikely to help, since we don’t know – sit Grymchak or not, but politically he’s dead. Figure of, say, superspectra,” says Zolotarev.

In summer, the American media wrote that Yury Lutsenko allegedly handed over to the President of the United States Donald Trump dirt on his possible rival in future elections Joe Biden. And ostensibly for this reason, foreign partners propose to leave Lutsenko in office.

Read takuto a Yuri Hrymchak and why he was arrested,”But I think someone issued wishful thinking. The resignation of Yuri Lutsenko predetermined. Another question – how quickly and with less noise effects. And the story only accelerates this process, but I will say this – there Lutsenko not in the business. The case most likely in the “dembelskaya chord” – officials go on the offense, because I understand that their days in power are numbered. Although it is quite silly, because such things are accompanied by very high risks to be in as a sacred sacrifice, laid on the altar of fight against corruption”, – said Zolotarev.

Version – Revenge Of The Gorbatyuk

But political analyst Alexander Kochetkov personally acquainted with Yuri Lutsenko and Yuriy Hrymchak.

“And information about their close relationship – exaggerated. Lutsenko under Peter Poroshenko became a Ukrainian politician. I mean, politicians usually refuse anyone and anything for their own careers and prosperity,” – said Kochetkov.

According to him, Grymchak long enough is free swimming, and is personally responsible for their actions.

“And hang the Deputy Minister Lutsenko impossible, and there’s no need – everyone understands that the attorney General is long. As soon as we form a new Parliament, it probably will be fired and will appoint a new person. But now our officials Packed the dismissal, so in attempts of illicit enrichment are more at risk than usual,” adds Kochetkov.

And clarifies that a bunch of Yuri Lutsenko in this story after all.

“Because inside the Prosecutor General’s office has in particular Sergey Gorbatyuk, who investigates the case Grymchaka that is absolutely not clear. Because he has to deal with the Affairs of the Maidan, and then some bribes. And here he opens a public conflict with Lutsenko, therefore, in this case more like an attempt to annoy the Gorbatyuk Yury Lutsenko. He simply does not understand that the attorney General is not very harmful, but that is another question. And nobody thus wants to strike at Yury Vitalyevich, because to get it can be much easier, but in cases with Hrymchak he is not exactly related,” – said Kochetkov.

Version – a comfortable life after power

Agree with him and Vladimir Fesenko explains Grymchak was not close to Lutsenko person, so no blow to the attorney General will not.

Read changepermission turned out to be a calendars: lawyer Grymchaka made the statement”I don’t know what their relationship was friendly, the Manager and the subordinate. Yes, he was close to Lutsenko, but not now, but before. Still, in recent Grymchak may have been some influence of Yury Vitalyevich, but if he patronized, the Hrymchak would have been in the faction Block Petro Poroshenko. But somehow that didn’t happen. So I admit that such a great friendship in recent years have not been,” – said Fesenko.

Also, it is not known who lobbied Grymchaka for the position of Deputy Minister, Lutsenko worked or other factors.

“What was known Grymchak in recent years? He was one of the most active and aggressive advocates Poroshenko. And note that in this situation, Lutsenko refused to defend Grymchaka. It is very significant that he distanced himself he is the former colleague. I think that the version that the official went to the breach for the sake of their interests – most likely. May have wanted to secure a comfortable life after the dismissal. And it looks more logical. Yes, any reputation risks for Yury Lutsenko arise, but no legal risk, I do not see” – said Fesenko us.