The education of the champion boxer you have to spend 10-15 years – Andriy Kotelnik

In 2000 Andriy Kotelnik stopped in a step from gold medals in the Olympic games in Sydney, becoming a silver medalist. And in may 2008 he won the championship fight for the WBA title at Welterweight. Now Andriy Kotelnik Boxing Academy is engaged in its behalf, became President of the Lviv city Federation of Boxing and wants to raise a new champion for Ukraine.

– You have a lot of projects. What else has headed the city Boxing Federation city?

– I am delighted and honored to become the President of Federation of Boxing. I will say that not much has changed, I’m the Vice President of Lviv regional Federation. Always loved this sport and helped whenever possible. And when asked to become President of the city Federation… it is a status thing. This is an opportunity to help, to assist young athletes that they didn’t stop at some stage of his career. I have come to combine and give a new breath of Federation of Boxing. Only United we will give the opportunity to fulfil their potential promising athletes, as I did. Not only as an athlete but as a person, the personality, the organizer. Every year more and more difficult, but enjoy it. As my friend, I am a magnet for all those things, which I have.

– November 20 kicks off the tournament on Your prizes. Why is it special?

– Feature – 5 countries and more than 120 participants. This is from the Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Germany and Israel. Each team brings in 10 people, plus our team of 60-70 people. Will also be the opening of the sports club “Hetman”, the first branch of the Academy of Andriy Kotelnik. This is the hall in which I grew up and once lived. Time turned so that I made a reconstruction of this room. There’s a new ring, modern gym, even from the street painted the whole clinic. Did a decent two halls, which will serve to train future Champions.

– How easy or difficult to attract partners to their projects?

– In Lviv, fond of sport, and Boxing in particular. We have a sports city. Of course, it is difficult to communicate. But there are more positive than negative people who contribute, believe in the projects that I offer. The regional state administration and regional Council always contribute a bit less, but I can say… in the first tournament they are affected. Little bit of everything helped us to fulfill your potential.

– How would you rate the work of your Academy?

– The structure works. With the coaches – a bit of a problem. People who once worked in the school of physical education, worked not for the result, and a set of boxers. But it is not so clear. Boxers came below average. Today, the school requires a non-medalist of Ukraine, champion of Ukraine among adults, and European champion, world champion and, at least, participant of the Olympic games. But we can’t be proud of it. For this was created by the Boxing Academy is to give boys a new breath, emotions and perspectives.

Understand that the result will not be in a year or two. Don’t want to offend other sports, but boxers from at least 10 to 15 years are brought up. It is not that I did today Academy, and tomorrow a new champion was born. Yes, he may be born, but he must spend 10-12 years to show this result. And it is necessary that there were people who supported these athletes financially. We have the people, but not athletes.

– Why the problem with athletes?

– The mass is. But there is no one who can become world champion. Children do, but on some level are broken and don’t believe in yourself. But there is such a thing as talent.

– The championship comes 120 adult boxers and children’s competitions – a few hundred. Where “disappear” in the juniors?

– Everyone has their own way. Someone walks, because it’s trendy, others because parents are making. Someone in self – defense. Someone didn’t like. In Lviv there are good boxers, but these to show the class, no, unfortunately.

– Learning for kids in your Academy pay?

– Children from 7 to 9 years are free of charge. All those who are competing are also not paid.