The EEC has determined which of used parts is prohibited

ЕЭК определила, какие подержанные запчасти запрещены

The ban will also be engine tuning, refinement of the motor you will need to register in traffic police.

Russia will ban the installation of used car parts that affect active and passive vehicle safety. In addition, chip tuning, any changes of the body, the increase in engine power due to the “bore” cylinders fall under the mandatory certification. Experts doubt that “coronaries” it would alienate the Russians from the services averasboro.

The Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) has prepared the 3rd package of amendments to the regulations of the customs Union “On safety of wheeled vehicles”, the document available for public comment on hospital legal information.

In the explanatory note to the document says that its purpose is to update the Federal law, “associated with commitment to participation in international agreements”.

The amendments affect the operation of the cars, and in some cases making very significant changes in the existing rules.

Thus, the first chip-tuning motor (done by reprogramming the engine control unit or powertrain) will be considered a modification of the design of the car. Now it is an ordinary procedure, many motorists use it to increase the power of engine without major investments in car tuning.

Now for carrying out these procedures will have to visit the testing laboratory and to register the amendments to the design of the car in the traffic police.

In addition, changing the design of the car will be considered a violation of the power structure of the body, this is particularly true for wedding limos and vans of which make passenger vans. The same applies to car owners who are changing the frame or the bearing body (except for major repairs using the same parts) of the car; increase the capacity of the motor or its volume by more than 10%; changes the number and location leading managed bridges; increase the technically permissible maximum mass.

The regulation directly prohibits the alteration of trucks and light commercial vans into vehicles intended for the carriage of passengers.

While the production of buses even on the chassis manufacturer it is prohibited to organizations that do not have the international code of the manufacturer.

Amendments to the regulations prohibits the alteration of used vehicles in specialized vehicles (forklifts, cement mixers, cranes, dump trucks, refrigerated truck, etc.). At the same time for vehicles with armored protection may be derogated from the requirements of the regulations, if the design features do not allow them to fit. Buses, trucks, lorries, municipal machines, transportation of operational services be equipment of satellite navigation.

Do not install on vehicles components containing lead, mercury, cadmium or hexavalent chromium, the legislator provides for specific exception for the transport of not belonging to category M1 and M2 (cars and buses), but in this case, these items must be marked for disposal corresponding to the hazard class of these substances.

One of the most significant changes that the regulation provides for an immediate ban on the setting of some of the parts used, which have a large impact on security.

This directly affected the business “of averasboro”, which were semi-legal.

In particular, it is now impossible to install on your transport junked cars, the airbag modules, steering wheels and seat with built-in them airbags, pyro-cartridges, electronic control units and sensors for triggering “of herbage”, seat belts, brake systems including actuators, the entire steering system.

Banned for also setting immobilizer and electronic control units, catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters, silencers, gas equipment for cars running on compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas (methane). Amendments to the regulation “On safety of wheeled vehicles” shall enter into the end of the year.

However, to track the real changes in the design will fail, the partner of analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT” Igor Morzharetto.

“First of all, the regulation does not oblige anything, these amendments must be fixed in the administrative code and traffic rules. Prior to this, no sanctions for drivers is not provided, the regulations of this says nothing. In addition, as to catch the person, for example, chip tuning the engine? For me this is not possible, nor in any of the government agencies now this is not possible” – told “Газете.Ru” Igor Morzharetto.

The Russians will not refuse to install used parts, is a long-established business and it has very high demand especially in times of crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, noted automobile expert Sergey Ivanov.