The eighth stage of the biathlon world Cup in Finland will be completed ahead of schedule

March 14th on the world Cup stage in Kontiolahti (Finland) pursuits. They will be the last race of the season. Although the phase first, it was assumed the single-and mixed classic relay (March 15).

After consultations with the Finnish authorities, the IBU refused to hold competitions on a Sunday.

Thus the pursuit race on March 14 will be the last in the season, as the stage in Oslo was cancelled.

  • In the men’s pursuit (14:45) run Dmitry Pidruchny (19), Brendan (22) and Ruslan Tkalenko (58).
  • In the women’s pursuit (16:45) Ukraine will be represented Eckhoff tiril (14), Vita Semerenko (30). Anastasiya Merkushyna (32), Julia Jim (53), Olena Pidhrushna (57).

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