The election of the Presidium, Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet, the appointment of heads of SBU and GPU. Became known, the agenda of the first meeting of the Parliament

Избрание президиума, премьера, членов Кабмина, назначение глав СБУ и ГПУ. Стала известна повестка дня первого заседания Рады

The ceremonial meeting of the Verkhovna Rada and the adoption of the oath by people’s deputies of IX convocation will start on August 29 at 10.00, the press service of the Parliament.

The first plenary session will begin at 13.00, wrote in Facebook elected Deputy from the “Servants of the people” Eugene Kravchuk.

“Most importantly, we were able to include in the agenda the issue of removal of inviolability from deputies. Against this, oddly enough, were made by the representatives of the party “European solidarity,” she said.

The draft agenda of the first meeting, the text of which publishes the issue of amending article 80 of the Constitution (the immunity of people’s deputies) is listed under number 11.

Just the agenda of the 27 points. Among them:

  • election of the Chairman of Parliament and his deputies;
  • the appointment of the Prime Minister;
  • the appointment of the Minister of defence and Minister of foreign Affairs;
  • the formation of the rest of the Cabinet;
  • the decision of a question on the list, membership and terms of reference parliamentary committees, election of their leadership;
  • the dismissal of the heads of the security Service of Ukraine and General Prosecutor’s office, the appointment of new heads of these departments, etc.

July 21, held an extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada. According to the CEC, the turnout was 49,84%. The elections were held under a mixed system: half of deputies elected by the proportional principle of closed party lists and the five-percent threshold, the second half – by the majority. Chose 424 deputies out of 450 (26 districts are on the Russian-occupied territory, where elections are not held).

Given the deputies elected in majority districts, “public Servant” received 254 mandate and can form monopolista.