The eleventh-grader of Melitopol school my phone was stolen in a nightclub

Одиннадцатиклассник мелитопольской школы украл телефон в ночном клубе

The teenager had a rest in night club “Cinnamon” when he saw on the dance floor lying on the floor bag. The guy pushed her under a table, behind which sat and began to examine the contents.

In the bag he found a mobile phone “Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo” with a cost of 5000 UAH. Taking the phone, the attacker passed it to the pawnshop, and money spent for own needs.

Law enforcement officers found the thief and brought a criminal case against him. At trial, the teenager was remorseful and said that the material damage is fully compensated for the victim.

Given the positive characteristics of the accused at the place of study and place of residence, the absence of past problems with the law and aggravating circumstances, the court has appointed to it punishment in the form of a fine 850 UAH.