The Emperor of Japan for the first time in 200 years abdicates

Император Японии впервые за 200 лет отрекается от престола

The ritual began in the Shinto temple this morning. Photo: EPA

Emperor Akihito began the rituals of abdication in a Shinto temple in Japan on Tuesday morning. It is reported by the newspaper Mainichi April 30 (

Local television showed, as the Emperor Akihito enters the temple, Casiodoro to announce his retirement Shinto gods. According to legend, this temple of the goddess of the Sun Amaterasu, which is the direct ancestress of the Imperial family.

Only part of the ritual was shown.

The ceremony of abdication will take place at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo in the hall of the matsu-no-mA. It will start around 17:00 local time (11:00 Minsk time).

According to the newspaper, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe will make a speech and thank denying 85-year-old Emperor. Akihito also will give the last word as Emperor.

The ceremony will be attended by the wife of Akihito, the Empress Michiko, Naruhito, the heads of all three branches of the Japanese government – legislative, Executive and judiciary, and representatives of local authorities – a total of 338 people.

The Emperor will officially resign at midnight on Tuesday, ending 30-year era of Heisei – peace. He will no longer perform any official duties and will be honored by the Emperor.

Akihito would not even attend the rituals on the accession to the throne his own son, so as not to interfere with the new Emperor.

Photo: EPA

As you know, with the ascension to the throne of the new Emperor in Japan will begin the era of Rave – Beautiful harmony.

The next day the new Emperor , Naruhito in a separate ceremony will inherit the Imperial regalia, the sword and the jewels, and the Royal seal as proof of his succession, as 126-th Emperor of the country.

Later in the day, Naruhito will meet with Prime Minister Abe and other members of the public for the first time since ascending to the throne.

We will remind, in August of 2016 Akihito made an appeal to the people, in which he stated that he plans to leave the throne.

Officially considered Akihito the 125th Emperor of the dynasty, continuously ruling Japan from the year 660 BC when the first Japanese monarch became Jimmu.

Just from the throne in Japan gave more than 60 emperors, the last time the Emperor Kokaku in 1817. However, mass media remind, the abdication Akihito – a precedent for the modern Japanese history, the beginning of which dates back to the beginning of the era of the Meiji restoration in 1868.

In Japan there was no law which would regulate the process of renunciation, and therefore in the summer of 2017, the Japanese Parliament passed a special law that allowed Akihito to abdicate.

Император Японии впервые за 200 лет отрекается от престола

Император Японии впервые за 200 лет отрекается от престола