The employment service runs a modern educational portal

Служба занятости запускает современный образовательный портал

In the public employment service started a new project for the successful employment of Ukrainians – Educational portal of the state employment service (

“The new service will help the unemployed to develop their skills necessary for successful employment, to obtain new skills and training”, – says Director of the State employment center Olga Makogon.

The new service will allow:

  • to develop personal competencies demanded by the labour market;
  • to get the latest information on job search and recruitment;
  • learn how to make the resume a modern format;
  • to prepare for the interview with the employer;
  • choose the educational courses and webinars for the unemployed, including those undertaken by centres of vocational education of state employment service.

“The new service will also be able to improve their skills and employees of the state employment service. It will be the largest database of opportunities”, – underlined in the message of the employment Service.

The website will introduce new educational programs, developed in conjunction with employers, will be conducted webinars and distance learning. Most materials will be posted in video format.

“The portal will help to realize the important service task is to find a decent job to every Ukrainian and qualified staff to each employer”, – said O. Makogon.