The EMT told us how to survive during a heat wave

Врач "скорой" рассказал, как выжить во время жары

To survive the heat without risk to health is possible, performing simple rules. They will help to normalize the heartbeat and reduce blood pressure.

This advice was given by the EMT Michael Konevsky reports “KP”. The hardest situation is for women in menopause that have and so there are tides, as well as young girls during menstruation.

High blood pressure are advised not to go outside until it passes. What should I do in order not to suffer from the heat:

1. From 12 to 16 hours, when the sun most strongly, it is not worth to lie on the beach or plan a walk in the city. After serving at this time in air-conditioned rooms.

2. Time to move on to easier food. Vegetables, salads, lean fish, berries, fruit. Light food is better absorbed, without pushing the stomach (and hence blood vessels) at maximum speed.

3. If the house is hot, and no air conditioning, type the full tub of cold water and leave the door to the bathroom open. It’s a little cool air and make it not so dry. Better than normal fan, even if he rides the hot air around the room. Put it on your feet before going to bed, and not sacrifices.

4. If the attack of dystonia (dizziness, darkening of the eyes, weakness and nausea – symptoms similar to heat stroke) caught on the street, turn into the shadow, go to any shop, the pharmacy – there is usually work powerful air conditioning

5. Carry the wipes with ammonia. These wipes to gently wipe the whiskey (the main thing not to get in eyes) and to wave under the nose to come up.

6. If the pressure jumped, coming home, take a pill and lie down, covering his head with a damp towel. Hypertension in no case should not miss the medication.

7. Drink plenty of cool water. In any case, not icy. His usual rate increase in half. Do not go outside, especially when the sun fries, without a bottle with clean water. Plain water you can add lemon juice. If you add water, a little mint leaves, pre-crush, the drink will become an invigorating scent.