The end of 2019 in the Crimea: national projects in action

Итоги 2019 года в Крыму: национальные проекты в действии

Only in the framework of the Federal target program socially-economic development of Crimea and Sevastopol until 2022 and only in the current year will be introduced 53 objects of capital construction, among which 10 kindergartens, two schools, 30 renovated houses of culture, 7 energy. Photo: Ministry Of The Crimea

The first visible results of the national projects. For example, in the Simferopol district of zhigulina Roshcha within the framework of the national projects “Demography” and “Education” is completing the construction of a kindergarten for 280 children and a school for 1,100 seats.

In the framework of the national project “Health” was delivered new equipment to 23 medical organizations.

The national project “Housing and the urban environment” carried out work on the improvement of public spaces in 9 municipalities. It’s Armenian, Belogorsk, Yevpatoria, Kerch, Saki, Simferopol, Yalta and Alushta. May day.

During the first 11 months of this year put into operation more than 550 thousand square meters of housing is a result of the implementation of the national project “Housing”.

All in all, Crimea passport approved 50 regional projects in 11 areas.


We decided to sum up the year facts, figures, achievements of the Republic in many industries. And the year was rich in events: the fifth anniversary of the Crimean spring, elections to the State Council and the local authority in which the overwhelming victory of United Russia, earned new power plants, open railway track on the Crimean bridge.