The end of an era: the US Army abandons the “Beretta”

Конец эпохи: Армия США отказывается от «Беретты»

Legendary gun out of the American Armed forces.

The Beretta 92F is considered one of the best weapons ever created on the planet. In many respects the emergence of “Beretta”, developed in 80-ies, was the moment the era of “modern guns” – a convenient, powerful and multiply.

It is noteworthy that in the late 80-ies, to test new standard pistol for the US army, Beretta (adopting under the symbol M9) surpassed in indicators and the famous Glock 17, and the legendary Colt M1911 pistol, as well as many other pistols.

Particularly impressive is its performance look in comparison with Russian Makarov pistol: 15 rounds in a Beretta vs 8 from PMA, a more potent cartridge (9×19 vs 9×18 mm mm), large effective range.

P320 (left) and M9 (right)

Replacement for the M9 will be the gun from the well-known Swiss-German company SIG-Sauer Р320 has already been adopted in the air force and United States army, now preparing to enroll in the Marine Corps. It is noteworthy that the overall dimensions of the new weapons are smaller than the “Beretta”, and the capacity of the store (in versions for the more powerful cartridges (10х21 mm and 9х22 mm) – also below.

This circumstance has forced many military observers in the United States, and abroad to speak about groundlessness of replacing the M9 for the weapon that, in General, not much surpasses it in performance. Anyway, soon the full transition of the Marine corps on Р320 clearly mark the complete end of an era and the twilight era one of the best pistols of our time.

Конец эпохи: Армия США отказывается от «Беретты»

Конец эпохи: Армия США отказывается от «Беретты»