“The end of Imperial ambitions”, the General has predicted the withdrawal of Russia from Ukraine

''Конец имперским амбициям'': генерал спрогнозировал уход России из Украины

Russia is looking for a reason to leave Ukraine, “saving face”, because they do not have the time to support the war in the Donbass.

This opinion was expressed on air ObozTV major General of the reserve of the Armed forces of Ukraine Vladimir Gavrilov. According to him, time in this conflict – on the side of Ukraine.

“It’s all over, because it is not in Russia’s interests to keep this conflict for a long time. They do not have the resources, are growing problems in the country, which they are forced to go to some variants of the “victorious exit from Ukraine”. They want to go, but its population then say – see, we have reached the goal, we are the winners. They are now looking for such an option. Time is on our side,” he said.

“If we reform, if we are economically growing, and if we become strong, they have no options. They are stagnant will be as long as there are international sanctions while they are in our territory – not only in the Donbass but also in the Crimea. If we do reforms, overcome corruption, will attract investments and people in Ukraine will live better, than in Russia, it’s the end of any Imperial ambitions of the Russian Federation. In Moscow, it is very much understand, the main thing that we already knew and did,” – said Gavrilov.

In General, the strength of Ukraine is to not be afraid of the aggressor.

“When we have no fear, they have fear arises. So it should be easy to perceive any screams of Russia about what they “eat”. It’s hysterical. They are unable to achieve their goals in 2014. They did not expect that in Ukraine, except the corrupt leadership there is still a civil society. They never expected it to be such a phenomenon as volunteers or battalions, which is impossible in the Russian system, where there is no civil society,” he said.

“We have a variety of opinions, but we have an acute sense of freedom. And this is our strength. Most importantly, we have shown in 2014 that we are not afraid to die, we are ready to die. This is the worst thing for Russia. They begin to be bold only where they are afraid. And where they say with a grin on her face – well, come on, come out – they do not come”, – concluded Gavrilov.

  • The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko said that the Kremlin shows first signs of readiness to de-escalate the situation in the Donbas.
  • According to sources, the Russian publication “Kommersant”, Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky can meet in October at the summit in “channel format”.
  • Some experts warn that the summit in “Norman format” France and Russia will try to get from Ukraine the consent for the holding of elections in ORDA. We are talking about the implementation of the so-called “Steinmeier plan”, which legitimized the “L/DNR” in Ukraine, but Kiev denies control over these territories.

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