The end of the war in the Donbass APU went on the attack wounded the leader of the invaders

Конец войны на Донбассе: ВСУ перешли в наступление - ранен главарь оккупантов

In the OSCE confirmed that the 72nd brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces took at least one new line in the grey area, Alexandria close to the highway Bahmutka. On the OSCE website reported that this milestone was not recorded previously. This information was published on the website

As it became known, 15 January the SMM UAV short-range revealed a new position of the armed forces of Ukraine (not was recorded according to the observation of November 21, 2019) to the North of the local roads, to the East of the village of gold-4, approximately 500 metres West of the previously identified positions. Approximately 600 metres further East from the above new positions and approximately 1.7 kilometres North-East from the village of gold-5 of this unmanned aerial vehicle showed two trenches (20 meters long and 30 meters respectively, was not recorded on the results of the monitoring as at October 2019) on both sides of the above local roads.

It is noted that the trench belonged to armed groups. The UAV also recorded about 30 craters in the area that were not identified by the results of observations of 12 November 2019.

The immigrant Alexander Chernov, who knows the situation in medical facilities ORDO, said that on Bakhmutka was wounded a great commander of the occupying forces.

– Lugansk regional hospital – arrived at least one aspiring soldier in the rank (rare in summer). Was rushed from the area under the Golden (near Orekhovo, North West LC). As it became known, yesterday there was something, – said the settler.

Конец войны на Донбассе: ВСУ перешли в наступление - ранен главарь оккупантов