The endocrinologist explained how it is better to eat turmeric to boost immunity

Врач-эндокринолог объяснила, как лучше есть куркуму для повышения иммунитета

The use of turmeric promotes the growth of pathogens-fighting white blood cells and lymphocytes, which helps to strengthen, improve immunity. But turmeric requires certain rules.

As reported the endocrinologist Anastasia Muschinin told how it is better to eat turmeric to boost immunity. In her words, turmeric is effective not only for increase of protective forces of organism in the epidemic season infections, but also helps to recover faster already ill.

The endocrinologist explained that pure turmeric has a very low bioavailability, better to use it together with black pepper: piperine component promotes more efficient assimilation. In addition, turmeric is fat-soluble – it needs to be use in combining with a fat-containing products, with the same olive oil.

Turmeric is best absorbed when heated, so add it expedient to warm food, drinks.

“Another option is to dissolve in water a teaspoon of turmeric and black pepper, add lemon juice, ginger, let it brew and then drink in small SIPS throughout the day,” shared the recommendation of the doctor.