The engineer broke the world record for lifting weights with the help of the exoskeleton [VIDEO]

Инженер побил мировой рекорд по поднятию штанги при помощи экзоскелета [ВИДЕО]

James Hobson with a popular YouTube channel and The Hacksmith regularly pleases its subscribers unusual inventions. So, in 2016, he created the exoskeleton, which lifted a weight of 78 kg. Four years later he decided to modify the mechanism to break the world record.

Engineers YouTube channel the Hacksmith draw attention to the fact that they use all the tools and accessories readily available. You can buy them in the store and to build something like this. They themselves did not use any professional equipment housed in the garage, where it passed the Assembly and adjustment of the exoskeleton.

As its goal, the engineer put the achievement of Denis Cyplenkov, who set a world record by simply lifting on the biceps to get the bar weighs 113 pounds. This required to assemble sturdy frame of the exoskeleton, calculated everything to the smallest detail. A key element of the design are hydraulic drives, which strengthen the hands of the owner.

To warm up the blogger picked up the barbell weighing about 79 pounds, which he lifted easily. After that he raised is 115 kg, thereby breaking the record for the Russian strongman. And to build on the success, James decided to take a weight of 125 kg, with which it also had special problems. His achievement was not officially recorded, but it proves how useful it can be modern technology. For example, the exoskeleton can significantly simplify the life of people who have to lift and carry heavy objects.